You may need money to buy a good breed dog but you need to care for him or her to win his love. A dog is one of the best companions to human beings and it is the only animal which actually loves the caretaker more than itself.

Dogs are classified based on their sensory capabilities, behavioral characteristics, and physical attributes depending on which it was used for hunting, pulling loads, guarding, assisting the police, companionship, military, and therapeutic roles. ( Bulldog care guide )

They have very less memory for about 3 seconds. They don’t have revenge attitude like human beings, therefore, they are not selfish with their fellow human beings. They love the way you are and will treat you as a god if you treat them well.

There are various breeds which are loyal like Tibetan Mastiff, Golden Retriever, German Shepherds. They choose to stay loyal only to a single person. It is not the case that such breeds will not love other people but they are few handpick breeds who are quite loyal to their owners even on their death beds. ( Bulldog care guide )

There are various breeds of Dogs, like:

  • German Shepherd
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Bull Dog
  • Gold Retriever
  • Shih Tzu
  • Poodle
  • Rottweiler

Here in this blog, we are going to see about Bull Dog the chubby and the muscular breed

The Hefty Bull tamer and a seldom barker

Physical Characteristics

The 50 pounds heavy dog is quite tall and ferocious by genetics. They have a history of about 500 years.  There are people who actually like Bulldogs for their heavy body, wide shoulders, and a bid head. ( Bulldog care guide )

They are moderately aggressive. During World War I, they were used for assistance by the U.S. Marine Corps and were called as Chesty. They have loose skin, pushed in nose, small ears, furrowed brow hanging double chin etc.

They are ideal for the air-conditioned environment but not for a hot and humid climate. Earlier the size of the Bulldogs was huge as they were used for fighting, bull-baiting, and aggression as time progressed it got some changes in its genes which actually made it less aggressive and smaller in size. ( Bulldog care guide )

  • Female Weight: 22-23 kg
  • Male Weight: 24-25 kg
  • Height (Male & Female): 31-40 cm
  • Life Span: 8 to 10 years


As per their genetics, they have few health issues but it is not true for all the Bulldogs. This information is for extra and preventive measures. Before buying a dog you need to check whether the breeder is an ideal caretaker to provide you the healthiest Bulldog by administering the vaccination. ( Bulldog care guide )

Health clearance documents must be sought for elbows, knees, hips from an Orthopedic Foundation. It is not necessary for dogs lesser than 2 years old.  It faces various issues like dry eye, cherry eye, hips dysplasia, tail problems etc.


It is necessary to groom the hair with a soft brush on a daily basis for 10 minutes or thrice a week. You need to keep its skin clean because dirt can be accumulated on its wrinkled face.

You can clean it with a  cotton ball dipped in peroxide especially ears, eyes, under the tail. The nail of the dog needs to be trimmed every two weeks. ( Bulldog care guide )


The dog should be given high-quality food and it doesn’t matter whether it is homemade or manufactured which is prescribed by a vet-doctor. You also need to make a note of calorie consumption to manage the weight levels. ( Bulldog care guide )

You also need to check the type of human foods which are good for dogs and which are harmful. Your dog needs to be given clean and fresh water.

Advantages of Bull Dog

  • It has average size but is quite heavy
  • It has a short easy-care coat which has various colors
  • It is quite friendly in nature
  • It is quite lazy and does not need to be taken out frequently
  • It does not bark very often

Disadvantages of Bull Dog

  • Stubborn by nature
  • Wheezing, snorting, snuffling, loud snoring
  • Gassiness
  • Drooling and slobbering
  • Short lifespan, health issues, maintenance costs.

Tips to Train a Bull Dog

Physical Activity

It has endomorphic genetic and does require physical activity on a daily basis. They enjoy moderate walks and regular exercise to stay fit. If it is not active it will lead to stubborn behavior or destructiveness. It requires regular exercise to burnt he extra stored up energy.

Use a Case

It would be great to use a case or a sleeping place for your dog. You need to train your dog by using a crate so that your dog will defecate in its living place thereby retaining its hygiene environment rather it would wait for you to take you out on rounds for its nature’s calls. At the same time, don’t let him be sedentary in his crate for a longer duration. ( Bulldog care guide )

Be Firm

You need to train your bulldogs effectively by taming it and exhibiting your leadership qualities. They are stubborn and smart. If you actually take the command consistently then it will become a habit for your pet animal.

Tips to Follow:

  • Praise your dogs with toys or treats
  • Be assertive
  • Practice daily
  • Say no to physical abuse

The sooner the better

The moment you bring him home you actually need to start training. The first 20 days are quite important for the dog to absorb all the important lessons that are taught. You may fail to train him during the starting time. You need to be patient and practice daily.

Don’t Allow It Because It’s “Cute”

If your puppy licks your hand its actually a good moment but when it grows old its cuddling techniques are going to be tough. The name bulldog has been coined because of its tendency to attack bulls. ( Bulldog care guide )

Its jaws are quite strong and its way of affectionate stroke will actually hurt you. You can train them from the starting by saying NO when they actually chew you. Your Bulldogs will get confused when you are actually allowing it to cuddle you as a puppy and avoiding it as a grown up. So it is better to start when things are raw and small.