Dogs are one of the excellent creation of God and an excellent companion to human beings. They will never leave you even in your deathbed. Having a pet animal has been practiced since many ages out of which in the current generation most of them have dogs, cats, or few birds at their home. Dogs are used in various activities like dog shows, circus, guarding, assisting the police, military, hunting etc.

Beagle origin

Amazing Characteristics of a Dog 

1) They like new toys when compared to old toys: They are intelligent creatures and can easily identify new smells, tastes, shapes, textures. So they love to play with new toys.

2) They can understand our emotions: If you are sad happy the dog will come to console you and if you are happy it will love to play with you.

3) Dogs are contagious to yawning: Dogs are like a human in these as they too will get yawning by seeing us yawn.

4) Dogs can feel jealousy: If you are treating another dog in front of your dog then your pet dog will get jealous of your treatment and will start barking.

5) Dogs can understand that you are lying: They can easily find if you are lying and will stop trusting you.

6) Oxytocin hormonal spikes in dogs: That is why there is a bond or a connection between the dog and the human being.

Where did Beagle dog come from? 

This breed comes from the lineage of small hound and looks like the larger foxhound. The beagles were used for hunting hare(beagling).

This breed has a history of about 2500 years, in the 1830s, this breed the current generation breed was developed in Great Britain from various other breeds. In the 1840s, it was imported in the USA for hunting purpose. So it can be said that these dogs originated from Great Britain, England.

Can Beagle be a guard dog? 

No, it is not possible for Beagle to become a guard dog. They have an innate quality to identify the scent and are meant for detection of smuggled items and explosives which are supposed to be quarantined whereas it is a good watchdog but it does not guard well as it is a friendly dog.

Enigmatic Beagle: Origins, Characteristics, and Care Tips

What kind of health problems beagle does have?

Such breeds frequently get health issues like epilepsy, dwarfism, hypothyroidism. The funny puppy breed gets a rare syndrome where it develops weak legs, a crooked back apart from that they are also prone to hip dysplasia which is found in Harriers.

At a young age, Beagles are prone to polygenic arthritis, by administering steroids it will be getting healed. Breeds that are affected by the disease neonatal cerebellar cortical degeneration cannot walk normally. Such breeds can also get infections in the ear, eyes etc. They also get type1 diabetes and are ideally affected by cancer.

Do beagle dogs bark a lot?

Unlike Shih tzu breed which has an average level of barking. The Beagle bark/howls frequently. Such hound breed bark a lot because they are meant for hunting, until and unless they realize that they are at home with other 4 people where they are brought up as a pet. So yes, they bark a lot.

Can beagle drink milk?

Anything is good if consumed in small quantities. On an occasional basis if you give some amount of cow’s or goat’s milk to your Beagle then it would be great for your dog. Don’t overfeed your dog which will lead to undesirable reactions like lactose intolerance, vomiting, diarrhea etc.

Can beagle eat an apple, carrot, fish?

Fewer slices of apples and carrots are good but it should not be on a regular basis. If you want your dog to be healthy then you can provide a fresh piece of fish, balanced fish-based dog foods from the market can actually do good to your dog.

How much exercise does your Beagle need? And how long does it take for Beagle to shed weight?

They are active and energetic dogs and they burn lots of energy, calories. So it is good for you to provide some physical training like ball fetching and hurdle jumping. With proper diet and exercise, it will take less time for Beagles to shed weight.

What Kind of dog is Beagle? And explain its temperament 

They are very sweet and curious dogs and they are excellent family dogs because they mix up well with children and are very much playful. Due to their playfulness, they do require lots of exercise and attention.

They are 13 inches in height and weigh around 20- 30 pounds. Their average lifespan is around 12 to 15 years. They have various colors like white, lemon, red, and tricolor. Its face is very cute with its hazel or big brown eyes, big head, long ears.

They are a happy and friendly companion and there are various qualities that make them very good family dogs. They are quite famous among the American Family and pet lovers. They have higher energy levels and need lots of playtimes.

They are not very much aggressive and they are quite sober. They are fun-loving dogs and neither submissive nor aggressive. They have starting trouble with strangers. They are not apt for guarding but they are very good to watchdogs.

They are intelligent and have a sound brain. They have the ability to chase for a long run and they are focused and committed. It is difficult for them to recognize a scent and get carried away by any strength.

They are not quite obedient dogs but when trained well they do listen to food-reward training. They get distracted and get boredom easily. In the International Intelligence Dog festival, they have been ranked 72 with the least obedience or working intelligence.


If you are looking for a fun loving dog and you are an ardent pet lover then this dog is quite apt for you. Just follow the above instructions with regards to health issues and train your dog on a regular basis with physical activities.