They may be furry, furry or even feathered but all of these pets have one thing in common. He is famous for his consistency. For this list, we’re looking at animals whose owners are celebrities, although some are also famous in their own right.

1) Bo and Sunny

Barack Obama owns a pet dogs named Bo and Sunny. US President Harry Truman once said that “if you want a friend in Washington, you’ll get a dog”. Luckily the Barack Obama has two. ( Celebrity pets )

Celebrity pets Barack-Obama-owns-a-pet-dogs-named-Bo-and-Sunny

President Barack Obama and his family were given these dog as a gift. Bo and Sunny have had a good run at The White House. Since August 2013 Bo has shared the White House and its lawn with Sunny a female Portuguese water dog. Sunny was unveiled on a Twitter account of Michelle Obama on August 19, 2013.

Celebrity pets US President Harry Truman

Portuguese water dogs are one of the few breeds Malia’s not allergic to. During their dad’s presidency, these pup have played on the White House lawn, celebrated the holidays and spent lots of happy days with their familly. ( Celebrity pets )

Bo and Sunny are now considered as the royal pet and Just like their owners Bo and Sunny are media superstars appearing on today Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Ellen.

2) Max (George Clooney)

A businessman, filmmaker and an American actor, George Timothy Clooney has been honored with three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards, for acting in Syriana and co-producing Argo.


The man has won lots of lady love and has been in various relationships.  He considers his relationship with a pot-bellied pig named Max. He brought this Pig for his ex-girlfriend Kelly Preston in 1988. After their breakup, Clooney took the Max with him as part of his unique Hollywood bromance. ( Celebrity pets )

George would sometimes let Max sleep next to him but when he got too big he would sleep in his shelter in the garage or outside. He could even be seen laying at his owner’s doorstep either to block guests from entering or to squeal for his food.  Max expired in the year 2006 when he was 19 years old.

3) Kitty Purry (Katy Perry)

Celebrity pets How these Pets turn from “Zero to Hero”

Katy Perry is renowned is an American singer and songwriter. She has a contralto local voice and has gained lots of recognition. She sold millions of albums, had some high-profile relationships and has an army of kitty cats roaring along with her but through it all, she’s always had kitty purry. ( Celebrity pets )

Katy is an ardent cat lover and Kitty has made her debut in some of her music videos. Now Kitty is a celebrity and her combination of Katy Perry is an ideal match. Katy considers her cat as her business partner and her kitty also inspired two of Katie’s perfumes.

4) Olivia Benson & Meredith Grey  (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift’s Cats Olivia Benson & Meredith Grey Can Teach her a lot.  An American singer-songwriter, Taylor Alison Swift born on December 13th, 1989 is one of the renowned contemporary recording artists.

Olivia Benson & Meredith Grey 

Her personal life album is well received among the audience. She owns two cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. She loves them to the core. Those cats are fun loving, prankers with silly antics and scary stares. ( Celebrity pets )

This pet often featured on Taylor’s Instagram. They’ve even appeared in music videos and commercials. They’re pampered but at the end of the day, these kitties are just like any other whether they’re taking a catnap or chilling in boxes.

5) Tinkerbell (Paris Hilton)

Another legendary actress is famous for her acting skills, DJ skills, catchy phrases etc. Paris Hilton owns a pretty little Chihuahua named Tinkerbell. This little is an ardent follower of Paris Hilton. ( Celebrity pets )

Celebrity pets Tinkerbell (Paris Hilton)

She always carries the puppy in her arms. Unfortunately, Tinkerbell has gone missing in 2004 after an unexpected robbery at the residence of Paris. Luckily it was found after six days. At the age of 14, Tinkerbell breathed its last. Tinkerbell has led a pious life.

6) The Royal Corgis (Queen Elizabeth II)

Belonging to the royal clan of Britain, she has paved way for iconic living. She had the love for dogs even becoming the most famous royal on the planet and a British icon.

Celebrity pets The Royal Corgis (Queen Elizabeth II)

She loves the breed Royal Corgis and has 30 of them in number and they are the descendants of Susan, the first dog owned by her. In the year 2012, she owned two corgis Willow and Holly and two – Han Corgi mixes candy and Vulcan not surprisingly they lead pretty posh lives. ( Celebrity pets )

They have a separate room in Buckingham Palace and enjoy a royal feast from a gourmet chef. They made their debut in a magazine and also have met the James Bond.

7) Bubbles (Michael Jackson)

Michael-Jackson Celebrity pets

A renowned sensational singer and king of Pop, late Michael Jackson singer, writer, and dancer was the owner of bubbles in the early 80s. The bonding share between them was like father and son.

Michael bought bubbles from a research facility in the early 80s and treated him like a son.  They both shared a bed and the dining table. He was the talk of the town when he sat along with Michael during the world tour. ( Celebrity pets )

Sadly Michael had to give him up when he got older and more aggressive. Bubbles is a chimp after all he now lives at the Center for great apes in Florida with other primates. Michael died in 2009 but their friendship is yet another part of his lasting legacy.

8) May Luv (Tamron Hall)

May Luv (Tamron Hall) Celebrity pets

Tamron Hall is a 47-year-old American journalist and television host. You might have seen the Hall reporting with her little dog, about major tech companies like Google and Amazon allow their employee’s pets to the workplace. ( Celebrity pets )

The former TODAY and MSNBC anchor owned chihuahuas named May Luv. When it comes to a dog, everyone loves them! But the world has seen a special relationship shared between Celebrities and chihuahuas! Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog which makes them popular amongst celebrities like Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Paris Hilton.

The former national news anchor is often photographed with her pet, May Luv and likes to take her everywhere she goes. She likes to spend most of her time with May Luv.