Having a pet animal or a bird is actually practiced for the past 15000 years. In our history and mythology, we have seen various characters who had an animal or a bird companion as a pet or as their vehicle.

Like in Indian mythology eagle or Garud is considered to be the pet bird or Vahan or vehicle of Lord Vishnu and in history there were various kings who used animals for guarding, transporting, or pulling their carts, and sending messages via birds.

Among the various domestic pets that we know today like horse, cow, bull, buffalo, parrot, cats, rabbit, dogs, elephants etc, we are going to see in detail about dogs.

Afghan Hound, an ancient coated breed

Dogs are friendly and loving companions to the humans. They vary in shape and size as per their breed and genetics. They belong to the category of a wolf. As per their characteristics, they have been used for various jobs like guarding the property, military assistance, dog shows, pulling carts, taming other animals etc.

If you want to buy a god then you need to understand the following dog languages in detail:

1) Stressed

The dog will have its body lowered, tail inside, ears back, forehead smooth, paw raised, urinate less. It is because of environmental stress

2) Enjoyment

Tail up and waving, ears up, eyes dilated, body declined. It is actually playful and in an enjoyment mood.

3) Fear

Ears flat and back, urinate less, roll on the back and showing the stomach, tails tucked are few of the body language which actually shows that it has surrendered to the owner or to the opponent.

4) Aggressive

Tail raised, body hairs bristled, tooths are visible, the forehead is showing wrinkles are few of the characteristics that are ready to fight.

5) Relaxed

Its ears are down, the tongue is out and is on its normal posture will actually show it is in a relaxed mood.


Among the various breeds like:

In this blog, we are going to see about Afghan Hound and its characteristics in detail.

Afghan Hound, an ancient coated breed

Afghan Hound

This dog breed has an amazing silky coat with a ring curl tail at its end. Its features are best suitable for the cold temperature in the mountains of Afghanistan that is how its name was coined as Afghan Hound.

Among the Dog Intelligence Report it has ranks 138th because of its ability to respond to the commands of the owner. It is quite obedient and to understand a new command it at least requires a repetition of about 70 times and obeys within 20 % of the time. Most of the Afghanis consider it quite sober and funny. Earlier it was called as Tazi and is one of the ancient breeds before Christ.


It is one of the ancient breeds and is former to all the current breeds in the 21st century. It is quite related to Saluki breed. The modern dogs of Afghan Hound are from the lineage brought to Great Britain gifted by the then King Amanullah.

There are lots of rumors regards to its origin like its connections with fanciers in breed books and breed websites. There is another correlation with Tasy breed from Russia.

There is another similar breed called Taigan from the Chinese border of Afghanistan. The longhair sight hound found in Afghanistan have few main strains to make the modern Afghan Hound breed.

IT also contains patterned coat. They come up from Bell-Murray’s and Ghazni linage. Their mind-blowing beauty made the owners keep them as pets. They are also mostly found in International dog shows.


Height: 63- 73 cm

Weight: 25-30 kg

Coat color: any color with white markings on head

The hairy coat needs care and grooming. Another unique feature is its high hipbones and a unique small ring at the end of its tail.

Mood: Sober, obedient, funny, happy.

Events: Competition, hunting, lure coursing.

This breed will not be cool towards the strangers or your guest although it is sober. They may act indifferent and violent. This breed is not a people pleaser when compared to other breeds and is not a reputed watchdog.

They are very good on the stage for performing show rings if treated and tamed well but then at times, the ring master’s command was not received well by the dog in some of the shows. If it actually feels to do good it will definitely be a tough competitor among other breeds.

Do not beat or scold it because it will behave indifferent and withdrawn and feel less attraction towards you. The best key to maintain a good relationship is to cuddle, show kindness, and be patient to understand the dog well. Follow the above-mentioned dog body language tips which is actually the same for all the breeds.

Life Span

On an average, this breed lives for 12 years as per the UK survey. Some of them if actually maintained with proper care and hygiene can actually extend up to 14 years.

Health Ailments

Most of them actually die because of urinal disorder, cardiac arrest, old age, and cancer. Such breeds are genetically healthy when compared to other breeds and it is not necessary that the above diseases are prone to all the dogs but then it is just given for information purpose so that you will follow the below given preventive measures.

Preventive Measures for Healthy Lifestyle

Afghan Hounds are family lovers and they are quite sober and silent type but they are proactive in nature. Such dogs actually need regular exercise like a walk or run along with training like free running, fence jumping etc. It is an excellent escape artist and is very difficult to capture.

Dog Snacks

Ideally, this breed demands two meals per day with 2 to 2.5 cups of very good dry food a day but then it actually depends on the size, age, metabolic rate, activity. If the quality of the food is good then it will actually fulfill the nutritional value of the dog. You need to give calculated amounts of food to your afghan-hound to maintain its shape and a healthy lifestyle to avoid adipose tissue deposits.